Blue Diamond Proficiency was developed through many years of experience to include

  • Importation and Exportation
  • Marketing and Distribution
  • Brand Management


Blue Diamond trading (BDT) was started in Jordan to provide the Jordanian market with professional services in marketing foodstuff and beverages. Blue Diamond proficiency was developed through more than 25 years of experience to include:


Importation and Exportation:

Blue diamond trading is a sole agent in Jordan for many internationally reputable factories of chocolate, candies, non-alcoholic beverages, and juices. We at Blue Diamond Import Foodstuff & Consumer Goods for local marketing, where several famous international companies are being represented by us:

Al Rabie, Saudi Arabia: A leading manufacturer of Natural juice, cocktails, Nectars, Drinks, plain and flavored Milk.

Awal Qatfa, Saudi Arabia: Specialized in high quality, ready-to-eat foodstuffs, packaged in innovative, TetraReCart package. 

Laroche, Lebanon: Specialized in real chocolate éclairs for gifts.

Flame, Turkey: Specialized in real chocolate and wafers.

Elvan, Turkey: Producers of a wide range of compound chocolate and chocolate gifts packs.

Time, Turkey: Producers of crepe and super rolls wafers.

Antat, Turkey: Producers of a wide range of compound chocolate and chocolate gifts packs.

Lusine, Saudi Arabia: One of Al Maraie Group Companies, Specialized in Bakery products (Croissant, Mamoul, Wafer, Cake, and waffle)

Gandour, Saudi Arabia: A leading manufacturer of chocolate, sweets, and foodstuffs since 1857.


Marketing and Distribution:

With high quality products, customer focused marketing, and a fleet of more than 50 vehicles in Jordan; Blue Diamond trading is having a share of more than 60% of Juice, chocolate, non-alcoholic beverages, and candies market in Jordan.

The newly created and professionally trained merchandizing and market supervision unit is enabling us to reach every customer with minimum time and to gain a maximum shelf display.


Brand management: 

The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand as a "name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of the others” 

In Blue Diamond Trading we are concerned in building our own brands with collaboration with our strategic partners in production. In the era of a global competitive market, we aim to make our brands created and delivered to our customer with a clear massage that confirms our credibility. By connecting our brand emotionally to fulfil our customer’s needs. We are concerned to have a concrete loyal relationship with our brands.